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Find tools and tips to make the Tyson Project A+ program a success at your school.

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Participation in the Tyson Project A+ program is a simple way for your school to get extra cash for whatever it needs. Once your school is enrolled, an administrator or designated parent can collect labels and submit them to Tyson Foods (100 labels minimum). Upon verification, Tyson Foods will then send a check directly to the school within 4 to 6 weeks.

Let's Get Started!

Tips for Success

  • Set A Goal
    • Tyson Project A+ program funds can be used for anything your schools needs – supplies, equipment, activities, and more. To make sure your collection program has the most impact, check with school administrators and teachers for suggestions. Concentrating funds for a single, clearly defined goal will be more effective than spreading the funds too widely. You can set a goal for a semester or for the whole school year. Once the school community sees the results, it will be easy to build future participation.
  • Estimate Your Label Needs
    • Estimate the number of Tyson Project A+ labels your school will need to collect to reach your goal. This will give the entire school community a number to reach for. Don’t forget – each label is worth 24¢, so the more labels you collect, the more money your school can earn!

      1. 100 labels = $24
      2. 500 labels = $120
      3. 1,000 labels = $240
      4. 5,000 labels = $1,200
      5. 10,000 labels = $2,400
      6. 50,000 labels = $12,000*

      *The maximum amount of money a school can earn each calendar year is $12,000 (50,000 labels).
  • Recruit Your Team
    • Recruit a coordinator to organize and direct the program and volunteers to help manage the process – counting the donated labels, recording the results, and getting the labels to a central collection point for delivery to Tyson Foods. Enlist the help of your school’s PTO or PTA. Pick leaders and volunteers who are organized and highly motivated – people who can share the excitement and maximize everybody’s efforts.
  • Generate Excitement
    • Since your actual goal may be a year or more away, it’s important to create incentives for participation as you go. For example:

      1. Have classes and school clubs design their own deposit boxes and place them around the school to collect labels. Click here to access some easy designs to get started.
      2. Create a friendly competition between two schools in the same district – or between neighboring districts. Winner gets bragging rights and a trophy.
      3. Create a classroom competition to come up with ideas to collect labels – and earn cash faster.
      4. Give the class that collects the most labels by a certain deadline a special reward, such as a “homework free” day, a pizza or popsicle party, an extra hour on the playground, or lunch with the principal.
      5. Accept labels as “tickets” to school events to encourage participation from the community.
      6. To keep students motivated over the summer, offer students who collect and bring in labels after the school vacation a pass for free ice cream.
      7. Whenever your school reaches a label collection milestone, play a music clip over the school P.A. (ex “Rocky Theme,” “Don’t Stop Believin,” “Chicken Dance”).
      8. Create a Tyson Project A+ program school sweepstakes. Have students write their names on the back of each label they turn in. When the school’s collection goal is reached, hold a drawing and award prizes.
      9. Suggest the Tyson Project A+ program as a community service project and allow students to bank hours for counting labels and helping coordinate the program.
  • Spread the Word
    • Make sure the whole school community understands how the Tyson Project A+ program works and how simple it is to participate. Successful Tyson Project A+ programs use:
      1. Letters for students to bring home to parents. Click here to access a Sample Letter to Parents.
      2. Word of mouth. Encourage parents to ask friends, relatives and neighbors to donate their Tyson Project A+ labels to your school's program.
      3. News releases to local newspapers and broadcast stations. If possible, include a photo of your students and/or school with the news release. Click here to access a Sample News Release.
  • Engage the Community
    • Local businesses and organizations can be a big help in getting the word out – and in collecting labels. Write an announcement letter with talking points that business owners and organization leaders can use to tell employees and members about your school’s participation in the Tyson Project A+ program.
  • Don't forget Grandparents!
    • Provide kids with a letter to send to grandparents and other relatives, encouraging them to help collect labels.
  • Keep Everybody Informed
    • Progress is motivating! Send out regular program updates to the community to keep the interest level high. When you achieve milestones toward your goal, let your local media know! Local newspapers are always hungry for feel-good stories about school achievements.

Sample Documents

Use these to spread the word about your school's participation in the Tyson Project A+ program in your community.