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Find tools and tips to make the Tyson Project A+ program a success at your school.

About the Tyson Project A+Program

About Us

The Tyson Project A+ program is one of the simplest ways to support your school. Just clip and redeem Tyson Project A+ labels from packages of Tyson® products. For every label we receive, we’ll give your school 24¢ – and your school can use the money for whatever it needs.


Ideas for how to use Tyson Project A+ program funds:

  • Art Supplies
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Band Instruments
  • School Trips
  • School Performances
  • Clubs & Activities
  • Special Events


Getting started at your school

Click on the Resources button below to find everything you need to set up a Tyson Project A+ program at your school today and raise needed funds year after year.


Tyson Project A+ Program Honor Roll

  • McKean Elementary just raised $3,942.24
  • St. Kevin Catholic School just raised $1,716.00
  • Kuemper Catholic School System just raised $945.60
  • Cuyahoga Heights School District just raised $924.72
  • St. Ignatius just raised $908.88
  • Dee-Mack Primary / Jr. High just raised $655.04
  • St. Patrick School just raised $644.00
  • Laurel Elementary just raised $644.00
  • Ethridge Elementary just raised $641.84
  • James R. Tate Elementary just raised $189.84